Room of Requirement

For all the Harry Potter fans out there:

I have found the Room of Requirement.

Check out the pictures below:

The entrance to the twisting alleys of the covered antique and oddities market. I couldn’t find this place again if I tried. It was at the back of an old alley, not very far from IKEA, but who knows how to get there?

Fancy grates. I would love to get some of the wood pieces, refinish them, and use them as wall art.

All sorts of Buddha heads – take your pick!

A view toward the back of the store.

I don’t wanna work. I just wanna bang on the drum(s) all day…

This city boasts a huge collection of steamer trunks. I imagine they are from all of the Westerners who used to live in and migrate to Shanghai a century ago.

An interesting statue of a couple running away. 
More statues. They were tucked into every available space – and even into drawers!

More aisles of antiques. It was never ending.
One of my purchases – a leaf motif green teapot. My other purchase was a white china teapot with a lily pond motif. Since Monet’s painting is my favorite, I thought it appropriate.

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