Not Exactly Singing (in the Rain)

Rain makes life special when you don’t have a car to get to work.

Today marks the beginning, I have heard, of the cold, wet, rainy winter season of Shanghai. After a two month reprieve from the muggy humidity, with blue skies and sunshine every day, I’m sad to see it go. Truly sad. Now, for the long haul of cold, dreary days…

However, there is humor in the situation, I must admit.

When I woke up, there was hope that the rain might hold out until I could get to work. I showered quickly, had breakfast, and tried to dry my hair and dress so I could get going. But, it was not to be. Suddenly, a few loud claps of thunder echoed through the buildings – there are many tall buildings, so the thunder sound is magnified and intensified a hundredfold. Rain and wind blurred my view from the balcony.

Sigh. It was my first venture through the rain to work. I hefted on my backpack, which had my lunchbox hanging off the back of it, and pulled on my thick rain poncho. I knew I had to look like a ridiculously fat turtle at this point. I glanced in the mirror and laughed for ages at the sight: navy blue poncho stretched over an enormous backpack and lunchbag. It wasn’t a fat turtle; it looked like I was smuggling two small children on my back. Or that I had A LOT of junk in that trunk. Hilarious.

It was such an odd day, really. The sky, at one point, turned a strange shade of yellow. Nothing I’d ever seen before.

But then again, there’s so much here I haven’t seen before.

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  1. Sarah Wert says:

    Hi Miss L! It is Sarah from ILS.


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