Finding Starbucks

Wo qu Xingbake kafei ting. 
I am at Starbucks cafe. 
Well, not really, but that sounds good right about now, if only I could convince myself to venture out into the chilly November night. But my bones feel the cold, and I’ll settle for a Starbucks Via tonight. I just wanted to express how unduly excited I was to learn “Starbucks” in Mandarin. Next, I would like to learn how to say my order correctly. It’s like a box of chocolates – sometimes I don’t know what I’ll get!  
I guess, the title is a bit misleading. I have found Starbucks. I know of a few too. I googled “Starbucks in China” after I took my job. I was not about to leave the country without first Google-Earthing and then estimating the walking time from my apartment to Starbucks to school. Twenty-five minutes, according to Google Earth. The likelihood of me biking or walking to Starbucks is fairly slim, especially since those 25 minutes could be put to good use for other activities – like sleeping, for example. 
Winter’s coming as well. So that knocks that stat down to … zero? Unless I have to go grocery shopping on Saturdays? 
I have to say, my average Starbucks consumption has dropped drastically in the last four months. Four months! I have been gone four months already! 
Alright, now that I’m done being distracted by that random thought, my Starbucks withdrawal is a bit overdramatic. Yes, there is a Starbucks within reasonable distance from my flat and the school, but it really isn’t on the way to either of them. I keep my fingers crossed that one will open on the corner. And though I see no trace of this, there might be a Christmas miracle yet. 
Until a coffee holder for a bike basket is invented – either that, or a truly venti-sized takeaway, sealable coffee mug – I’m just stuck with making my own coffee in my classroom. Which I do, without fail, every morning. Which, until one week ago, NONE of my students realized that I had a coffeemaker behind my desk. I asked them how they thought I managed to find and pour coffee FROM BEHIND MY DESK every day. 
One student said it was some kind of teacher magic. 
Well-played, kids, well-played. 

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