And, Kids, Today’s Vocab Word is…


Thank you to the hundreds of people on Facebook, Twitter, texting, and at work for letting me know that Prince William and Duchess Kate are going to have a baby.

How did I find out?

I was sitting in my classroom, ignoring the slowly rising noise of students coming into the room for first period, when the teacher who works next door to me, an Australian, came in and said, “Did you hear? Being the royal watcher that you are – you should know?”

I said, “If Harry’s engaged, I’ll need the day off.”


“Emotional duress.”

Bahahaha. At least he knows I’m totally sarcastic. Or, rather, I hope he knows…

“Oh, no, no. Kate’s in hospital for morning sickness. They’re going to have a baby.”

Now, I’m a self-respecting anglophile. I wasn’t going to take this news sitting down. I didn’t even think; I shoved back my desk chair and cried, “Really?!?”

No, I don’t know the royal family, and I’m never likely to meet them anyway, and I can’t explain why I thought that was the best thing since I had my first pumpkin spice latte this fall in Portland. It goes way back.

Of course, this attracted the attention of ALL of my students. One student asked me, later on, “Why do you care so much about it? Aren’t you American?”

“But I’m what they call an anglophile.”

“What’s that?!”

“And, boys and girls, today’s vocab word is…”

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