Duck, Duck, Chop

Cinnamon roll cookies

These weeks have been so whip-fast that I don’t remember here from there or then from now.

Going back, it all started with me finally sucking it up and defrosting my duck – the one from an earlier post where it came with head, beak, and webby feet – in order to piecemeal it up for dinner. It was a Jaime Oliver recipe – roasted duck with bubble and squeak – and it ended with my kitchen turning into a chaotic mess.

I took the biggest chef’s knife I owned, pressed it against the duck’s neck, and just pressed as hard as I could. I still can’t get over the noise the bones made. I did the same to the two legs and the wing tips, tossing it all into the bin. Every time I had to chop something, I did this “I’m a girl and that is gross” dance around my kitchen just because it made me feel better. And, if you’re still reading this, you have nerves of steel.

But the duck was delicious, by the way. The only problem was, when I had to mash up the materials for the bubble and squeak, I realized that I had no masher. I tried to improvise with a metal spoon from IKEA, but I ended up bending the spoon in half. That was some tough potatoes!

Better than the ducky:Using up my countertop
to roll out the cinnamon roll dough

I ended up using just about every pot and pan imaginable to create this dish, and it involved heavy duty clean up afterwards. At least, unlike my earlier kitchen disaster, it didn’t end up dashed upon the floor. That is still pretty special.

Coffee-maple glazed cinnamon rolls

And, while I normally go ape-crazy on holiday baking for my staff, I’m scaling back this year due to not having my recipe books, necessary supplies, and realizing that most of us are flying out of Dodge on Wednesday, so having loads of freshly-baked holiday goods strewn about one’s home for two weeks is probably not very sensible. So, I’ve created four truffle recipes – birthday cake, bourbon cherry, crunchy peanut butter, and peppermint mocha bomb – and some salted almond English toffee to crown it off. I promised I’d make another batch of the coffee-glazed maple cinnamon rolls from Thanksgiving and distribute earlier in the week.

Just a little holiday bakin’ love for the MS peeps.

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