Belly Up!

Belly of the Beast

My first foray into making pork belly was a mixed review.

Pork belly, which a delicacy in the States and quite expensive on most menus, is a relatively cheap cut of meat here. I picked some up from our local expat shop, intending to do something with it that would be tasty.

This is also an interesting cut of meat. I figured on frying it up with salt and pepper after a little trimming. I had to look up information on the web on how to best prepare it. Next time, I may just roast it with thyme and a dry rub.

You do have to trim it to make it edible. After all, on these pieces, there was still pinky skin on the one side of the meat. After trimming it down to most of the meat and the less chewy fat – I am a texture person. Bad texture can make me not feel good about what I’m eating – I tossed it into the frying pan.

While that was frying up, I heated whole cranberry sauce in a pot with fresh thyme leaves.  I toasted a ciabatta roll, sliced up camembert cheese (champagne flavor), and piled it on the crispy pork belly. Overall, a tasty venture, except where I didn’t trim up the meat well enough. It was a bit – chewy. So, I figured it out. Tasted like a more expensive version of thinly sliced bacon with a tart sauce and soft cheese topping.

Pretty good.

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