Guinness Pulled Pork – Behind the Secret

A bit of this, a little of that: Pretty fabulous overall.

Since the picture on Facebook garnered so much attention from people wanting the recipe, I decided to post it on here.

Basically, I’m a “dab of this, a sprinkle of that” kind of cook. I don’t know the exact measurements, so I just did it by taste. When I liked how it tasted, I stopped adding stuff from my fridge. Simple. So, adjust for your taste any of the ingredients. Also, consider if you want the sauce thicker or thinner. I’m a thick sauce kind of girl.

And, I suppose none of it is really that secret, other than it got people’s attention when I said “secret,” like it was the spice mixture for KFC or something. 

Guinness Pulled Pork

1 sizable pork roast (mine was about 1 1/2 lbs uncooked)
2 medium white or yellow onions, cut into strips or rings

Get Saucy:
1/2 – 3/4 avg. bottle of your bbq sauce of choice (I used Kraft Hickory BBQ – the only kind I found)
About 1/3 cup of Worcestershire sauce (I used Lea & Perrin’s)
About a 1/3 bottle (small) of Tabasco sauce original flavor
1 entire bottle of dark, frothy Guinness (Foreign Special)
A dash or three of soy sauce
Ground red pepper (dash)
Salt (dash – adjust for how much soy sauce you added or it’ll be like pulled salt pork)
Pepper (couple dashes)
Flour (1/2 – 1 tbsp to thicken sauce, not make it paste-like)

Pile it on:
2 fresh ciabatta rolls (or buns, if you like buns)
spicy pickles
camembert cheese (brie-like cheese)

Make it:
1) Heat up your best friend, the crock pot.
2) Once heated, put pork roast and onions inside.
3) Dump in your liquids. I recommend the Guinness last because it froths up and can make a mess.
4) Mix the liquids up around the pork roast and onions.
5) Add in the spices, adjusting for taste preference.
6) Keep heating on low overnight (about 8 hours for me) until the pork is tender and falls apart easily. I flipped the roast once before going to bed.
7) About a 1/2 hour before serving, put in the flour to thicken sauce.
8) Stir up flour, leave to cook the last 1/2 hour.
9) When you’re ready to serve, take 2 forks and scrape cross-wise across the roast. This should tear up the meat into shreds.
10) Serve on a cut roll with the pork and onions. I liked spicy pickles and a little melty cheese as well – the camembert is less pungent than brie, I think, but it has the same soft, spreadable qualities. You can even put the sauce in a small dish for dipping.

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