Dear Doomsday Preppers,



the Mayans

Alright, so 12-21-12 has come (and gone, in some parts of the world), and so far, I feel very deceived by the movie 2012.

Not really, but I do wonder about all the people who bought stock in the prophecy. All the people featured on the Doomsday Preppers show or the one I watched on History Channel last night. I mean, the end of the world will come, eventually and at an undisclosed time, but I’m pretty sure I’d rather not be around for the zombie apocalypse that will surely follow. As the host of the show so succinctly put it, “All you need is one Eddie Murphy zombie with a banana and you’re a goner.” It would be preferable, in my mind, to never meet such an intelligent zombie.

So, it begs the question when the next apocalypse will be. After all, Y2K went bust, now 2012 is done for, what’s next?

Personally, I think we should really watch out for Nostradamus. Apparently he’s really spot on with a lot of things – when you ignore that all of his “predictions” are cases of historical 20/20 hindsight.

I wonder what the Aztecs have to say about this?

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