Frankensteinin’ It


No, it wasn’t what I tried to cook for dinner tonight.

It’s my Keurig Mini.

Keurig is bliss. It’s the individual serve coffee machine which everyone who loves coffee must purchase at some point. I had one back in the States for eight months before I moved to China, and I missed my deliciously hot coffee every day for four and half months. So, when I returned for Christmas, my first goal was to acquire a Keurig machine to bring back with me. That, and six months worth of k-cups for my machine…

Thus began my journey across the ocean with Keurig. I had that thing so packed into my luggage with a load of sweaters that it would have taken a lot to hurt “my boyfriend,” as I used to refer for my Keurig. Mostly because I used to say that an ideal boyfriend would always have hot coffee ready for me, and it was a long standing joke with my staff at Immanuel as well. The first thing I did when I got back to the freezing cold tundra of my apartment (it was 0’C in my apartment when I returned, or a balmy 32’F.) was unzipping my huge suitcase, pulling out my Keurig Mini (in red, of course), and tucking it on a convertor since Chinese electricity is 220V.

Oh, how I longed for Keurig coffee! I poured in the water, put the mug under the spout, put in my favorite K-cup blend, and then I go to plug in the cord.

Only one tiny, itty, bitty little problem.

The Keurig cord is three-prong. The convertor is only two-prong. Yeah, should’ve checked that first…

Well, I do have a travel adaptor. So I put the cord into that, then plugged that into the convertor, then the convertor to the power source.

Hallelujah! It turned on!

I hit the BREW button and … “Pop!”…

“Pop” is never good when you are working with electrical appliances. I’d already blown a convertor when I first moved here when I plugged in my hair straightener. The straightener ran on both a 110V/220V cycle, so it only needed an adaptor, not a convertor. Oops…but it still worked!

Well, when my Keurig died its electrical death after the ominous “POP!,” I broke down into tears. I was cold, I wanted my coffee, and I had just shocked my Keurig. Nevertheless I’d just gotten back from a 14 1/2 hour flight and an hour and a half long car ride from the airport, so that made me very emotional as well. Here I was, back in my apartment, crying like I’d just lost a puppy because I’d killed my Keurig the moment I’d gotten it out of the box. After all, it was a Christmas present from my mom, and I didn’t want it dead already.

I eventually sucked it up and prayed that I hadn’t really killed it, just maybe blown the convertor or the adaptor. However, there wasn’t any way I could tell until I went back to school and used a convertor (three prong!) that another teacher used for her Keurig machine in her classroom. It didn’t make unpacking easier the next day, though, when I found all my various flavors of K-cups and organized them into gallon Ziploc baggies. All I could think was, “Great, I have a six month supply of K-cups…for nothing…”

But today, I brought it to school and to the teacher with her transformer/convertor, and, after a quick prayer to the coffee gods, we plugged it in and pushed the “on” button.


I was so excited that I did a happy dance in full view of a couple 6th graders. But oh, the joy! It made my day to see that it still worked, and I learned how to get the transformer for my Wii and my Keurig. I also made a cup of my favorite brand and sighed in contentment when the scent of the coffee filled my nostrils and dripped into the waiting cup. And when the coffee finally cooled enough to drink, it slipped like liquid happiness into my veins.


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