Keurig: The Trials and Tribulations of

Some people have a little red Corvette. I have a little red

Considering all parts of my Keurig were made in China, it drove me mad that it’s taken me so long to get it up and functioning.

Over a week ago, I did finally get my Keurig to work on another teacher’s transformer. What they don’t tell you is that the average travel converter, even though it “works” up until 1600 W, doesn’t really work well for any machine that requires so much power and a 3-prong plug converter. So began my journey on Taobao. is the Chinese version of eBay – in a way. You can find all sorts of things on Taobao for fairly cheap – if you can read Chinese. I had to buy a transformer for up to 2000 W in order for it to function properly – and not blow it all to heck.

I received my transformer from Taobao (a colleague’s wife ordered it for me!) and just figured, oh, I’ll plug it in. I brought a few of my k-cups – there’s currently a 10 gallon storage container full of k-cups in my extra shower – for the occasion of trying out my Keurig.

It only took me a half hour and two pairs of horrible scissors to finally get all of the tape and cardboard off the transformer. The entire thing must weigh a hundred pounds. I was merely happy not to slice up my hand royally with the scissors in my eager attempt to open it, much as I had with a veggie peeler two weeks back. I’m still very cautious whenever I peel vegetables now, and I needn’t be so very afraid of school scissors for the rest of my life.

One slight problem. I couldn’t get the American plug to fit into the American plug converter on the back of the transformer. I studied the one my colleague had, and I couldn’t very well tell why I couldn’t get my Keurig to work like hers.

I ignored it for a few days, not wanting to bust the plug to pieces in my trying to plug it in. Then, I finally got fed up today and put the transformer to its side and looked down with a flashlight into the plugs. There was a plastic piece that should automatically move up as the plug goes in, but that wasn’t working very well. I found a little tweezer, pushed up the plastic entrapment, and managed to get the Keurig’s plug in.

Oh, the sweet smell of success is Keurig coffee, my friends.

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