Vieux Montreal – A Not Good Modern Poem

I never did write about my family road trip to upstate NY and French Canada, so I found my quickly jotted notes and arranged them into a poem. A horrible poem, but a fun one.

A family road trip…Canada-style.

Getting lost in Quebec
Asking for directions in Franglish
Freaking out the Chinese guy
at the Quebec welcome station 
Trying to read French signs in Montreal
A walk to the Champs du Mar…down Rue St Paul
Fried avocado, pulled pork poutine, pizza
Brie baked in pistachios
2nd coolest waiter at Montreal Poutine
Walking along the cobbled streets
RCMP souvenir shopping…
Canada. eh? t-shirts
Montreal history
Smoked meats on rye
With pickles and gravy on fries
Street art up the side of Mont Royal
Bohemian discoteca 
Hiding in the closet of the hotel
For no reason at all
Honey Boo Boo programming
tea tasting and soup dumplings

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