A Little Orthodox

Harbin has the largest Eastern Orthodox church outside of Russia.

St. Sophia is a beautiful building. Imposing, Russian, and Orthodox. Since it’s not a functioning church any longer, it’s now a museum documenting the history of Harbin. The captions were in Chinese, but the photographs were so telling. I hadn’t imagined Harbin to be much of anything in the current day (okay, I expected a tiny, Alaskan-type outpost and was shocked to learn it was home to about 10 million people. Wayyyyyyyy off.), but it’s past was pretty checkered.

Outside the church, we watched people chase pigeons, which is something people just do outside of churches. Not sure why. I’ve seen it in loads of place, Rome, most notably.

After a fast trip through there and then lunch at a local restaurant, we’re at a loss of what to do next. There really isn’t anything else “touristy” to do in Harbin that we haven’t already done.

So, for the lack of anything “touristy” to do – and our flight wasn’t until about 7 PM, we decide upon the best thing you can do – get a massage.

Yep, it’s always Default Plan B for anything.

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