How to Kill Time (In an Airport)

At the KL airport, we lucked out because there is plenty to keep you busy. Not so at the Manila Airport, Colombo Airport, or Pudong Airport. Those are not fun airports to spend hours in. But KL? Fabulous.

Our first order of business was to get a massage. Airport massages – perhaps not the best, but if you have time to kill, money to use up, and tight shoulders – it’s not such a bad thing. I went for the back and shoulder massage and a foot massage. I figure, I’ve had a Chinese massage, Filipino massage, Thai massage (in Prague and Bangkok, now), Sri Lankan massage, and I should try a Malaysian massage. It seems to be a fairly common thing, getting a massage on vacation.

It was relaxing enough. I went next door to the bookstore – a UK brand bookstore – and picked up a few books. I’m the person that buys books to use up extra foreign cash. But, it was good to have more books to read, just in case I finished up the one I brought with me.

We dove into dinner at Burger King – I only seem to eat BK in foreign airports, weirdly enough – and I picked up an extra Starbucks to keep me going until our flight.

When we finally boarded the plane, it was none-too-soon. We would be arriving in Colombo at about 1 AM, which would be a rough one the next day since we had to head out immediately to our first destination to make up for lost time in transit.

I just wanted to try to sleep on the plane.

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