I Thought It Was Real

Part of our afternoon was spent at Sun Island Park, which was where the 100+ snow sculptures resided. We were excited about the snow, only to find out that it is actually manmade snow. If you tried to sculpt real snow like that, it obviously wouldn’t hold. Makes sense – but bummer!

The sculptures are pretty amazing. They are detailed, and some of them are straight-up enormous. Like, the size of a good hill in Illinois huge.

We roamed through the park for close to three hours, I believe, with our feet slowing becoming more and more numb. When we finally do stop for way-overpriced tea, we replaced our cold Hot Hands with some new ones so our toes don’t blacken with frost bite. Frankly, we looked like mummified Eskimos, but that was okay. Anyone without a hood or hat on would not have any ears the next day, so this was much preferred.

Best one of them all!


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