Stuck in the Middle

Well, we did finally take off, about sevenish hours after we were supposed to. I got a window seat next to a very chatty Malaysian woman, but because of her, I got a huge bag of peanuts, some kind of traditional Malaysian sweet tea concoction, and also extra snacks. Pretty sweet.

I think at some point in your life, you should take a night flight and stare out the window. Last year, when we were returning from Prague, the moon was nearly full and the stars were like huge crystals in a black velvet sky. Gorgeous. This time, I watched the flickering of boat lights on the water below and the half-lit coastline of Vietnam scroll by. Amazing. I recommend it.

Anyway, we touched down in Kuala Lumpur around one in the morning. They hastily reissued us tickets to Colombo – the next flight wasn’t until around 11 PM the next night – and boarded us on a bus to a local hotel for the night. We couldn’t find the bus, even in the half-abandoned airport, and we went up and down, up and down, in the elevator to find the dude from Malaysia Air in the green jacket.

Finally, we got to the bus and rocked along the highway for about a half hour until we reached the hotel. We got our separate rooms, but the problem became no toiletries. No toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant…etc. – and no change of clothes. I scrubbed my socks with hand soap in the sink and put them up to dry. There wasn’t much else to do, really.

The next morning dawned hot, beautiful, and sunny, and we had a pretty good breakfast before starting the day. We had an entire full day to kill in KL.

We’ve got to find something to do.

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