Oh, the Humidity!

Arrival in Colombo at about 1:30 AM is a rough start to a vacation.

The airport has that air of chaos even that early in the morning, especially when we waited in immigration for above an hour. Colombo is definitely an up and coming city, an Asian city that hasn’t yet been mega-developed like other Asian cities, mostly because it just came out of a civil war in 2009. Can’t say I actually knew that before leaving … but Lonely Planet was especially enlightening.

I got cash from the ATM and found the tour guides and our driver. All I can think of, after about 48 hours in the same clothes with no deodorant or other toiletries, is how much I want to throw my clothes in the bin, light them on fire, and take a long shower.

The first thing that strikes me is the sheer humidity at such an early hour. It’s absolutely stifling! KL had been hot and a little steamy, but this was intense. I hadn’t felt humidity that high since August, when in Shanghai it was topping 120 F every day with 100%+ humidity, if that was possible.

Thankfully, our hotel in Negembo was only about twenty-five minutes or so from the airport, and it’s right on a beach of the Indian Ocean. The first thing I did was chuck my nasty socks in the bin, grab PJs, and shower stuff. The shower was fabulous – rainfall shower, hot water, nice smelling toiletries. Finally – I was able to wash away loads of grit and airport stink …

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