What is This Fruit?!

Our night (and consequently, our sleep) was quite short.

We couldn’t leave straightaway for our destination in the middle of the night because – elephants. Yes, elephants might be wandering across the road under the cover of darkness. I love the “elephant crossing” signs. They were even more interesting than the “moose crossing” signs on Canadian highways.

Since our first trip was so long (about 6 hours), we have to eat breakfast and get on the road. The morning dawned clear, beautiful, and sunny. I opened up the doors to our balcony and saw this gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean. The catamarans (small finish boats) sailed by the white sandy shores.

After 48 hours of hardcore travel, it was a wonderfully welcome sight! Paradise!

Breakfast was in a lovely open-air dining room, a restaurant that opened up right to the beach and the water beyond. Gulls stormed over head, screaming noisily, and the surf rolled gently onto the sand. It was the best thing I could imagine coming from the dreary doldrums of a Shanghai winter – and after a frigid weekend in Harbin!

The food was delicious – legit bacon was on order! – and the fruit was fantastic. There was an actual fruit buffet, with loads of tropical fruits I had no idea even existed. The fruit guy cut bits off for us to try – some good and some not-so-tasty. But it was fun, trying different tropical fruits which, for some, I haven’t seen since.

After loading up on breakfast and delicious French press coffee – the best coffee I would have the entire trip until returning back to Colombo the following weekend – we set out on our journey into the midlands of Sri Lanka.

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