I Instagram Food Like Others Instagram Selfies

I am a shameless Instagrammer of food, especially local food. Not because I want to look cool and be all like “oooh, look at what I ate today!” (not in the LEAST, she writes with a hint of sarcastic humor) but because, in my mind, food is so indicative of local culture. In my opinion, food is the art of the people. It’s not in museums, but it’s in cafes, expensive restaurants, and humble street carts.

As someone who loves to cook and try foods to see what their flavors encompass, I have fallen massively in love with Thailand. You can eat at a street cart and it’s good. Or, you can eat at an expensive restaurant, and it’s good. Thailand just knows how to do food – simple, spicy, and full of amazing flavors.

For the last three weeks, I’ve been trying to test out just about all the street food between my apartment here and the school. I’m also a fan of trying out local snacks from the grocery store as well.

Of course, I have my favorites, but here are some pictures of the street food goodies I’ve come across:

Fried Holy Basil with Egg and Prawn – Wat Pho
Coconut ice cream w/ toppings

Pad Thai from my favorite street vendor
Grilled baby bananas with brown sugar/molasses sauce
Squid on a stick
Sticky Rice with Mango – best dessert, hands down!

Thai BBQ Chicken Pizza – Detroit Style?
Pretty amazing when it came to the fragrance of cilantro and sweet peppers

And my attempt at making green curry a few weeks ago – I love the colors of curry!

My attempt at Thai green curry

For all of those people who thought, “hmmm – I want some peanuts with coffee-coating!”:

Coffee Junkie Peanuts – 7-11
But really, nothing beats Pad Thai, hot and oily from the cart, or sugar-cane chicken, freshly-roasted on a spit and slathered with some kind of spicy marinade. 
Alright – the noodle guy on the corner of Hongfeng Lu and BiYun Lu comes pretty close to some fabulous street food in Jinqiao, but the dizzying array of foods and fruits available up and down Thong Lo is a paradise. 
One lady makes several dishes, including a minced pork dish with some ultra-spicy peppers, green curry, a 1000 Year Egg dish with tofu, pork belly, boiled eggs, and a star anise/5-spice sauce, and crispy fried pork strips. 
Another guy expertly hacks up fruit with a giant knife – whilst holding the pineapple, guava, etc., in his hand. I was impressed, considering I nearly sliced up my own fingers in Sri Lanka whilst preparing our curry lunch. That is the last time I’ll willingly peel potatoes with a huge knife. It’s a miracle I still have all my fingers…
Needless to say, spending a second summer in Bangkok for the remainder of my program will not be an issue. 

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