Ba Da Bing!

Temple rooftop

The second morning in Taipei is just as beautiful and cloudless as our first day.

Bacon Dabing
It is in a small family restaurant down the road from our hostel that I am introduced to the local breakfast speciality – bacon dabing. It’s bacon, in a pancake, cut-up, and layered with a spicy mayo in some places or a chili sauce in others. No matter how you slice it, bacon dabing is the perfect morning treat, complete with a cold naicha. Delish.

We stash our luggage at the train station and venture out to Longshan Temple, a gorgeous place where we wander and watch the locals go about their worship. A friendly Taiwanese student tells us about the temple’s history as he sketches, with brilliantly accuracy, some of the temple’s salient decorations and architectural features. 
After a quick stroll through the temple, we visit some of the old side streets, including an herbal medicine street rife with drying herbs and spices hanging from old, broken windows. Residents are extremely friendly and greet us at every turn. We stock up on steamed buns and dried mango, cold teas and water, and head back to the train station for our train heading south to Kenting.

Temple candles

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