When in Doubt…Taiwan!

We had approximately two weeks from my return from Bangkok and the start of school again to take a quick holiday. At first, Sarah and I planned to go to Chengdu, see the pregnancy-faking pandas (see the latest panda gossip here: ), roam out into the steppes around Tagong, and possibly see a few more wild West China towns along the way.

Bad news – flights to Chengdu are unduly expensive in August, and it’ll take a great deal of time to travel to all of the small towns, more time than we really have if we want to see a lot. We scrapped that plan and thought about the Philippines (super rainy season!) and then Malaysia (also, a heck of a lot of travel time to the small island paradise we were considering!). All of a sudden, Sarah goes, “TAIWAN!” 
Within seconds, she’s contacting old friends in Taizhong (where she used to work) and we have a flight and a hotel by the end of our long discussion on where to go for a) cheap, b) convenience, and c) a beach. Before long, we’re going to be heading to Taipei, then Kenting, Taizhong, and then back to Taipei. It’ll be a whirlwind, but it’ll be a chance to visit a place I haven’t been yet. 
And, I’ll finally have to learn how to ride a scooter…

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