Don’t be a tourist. Just fly there.

In the morning, now strengthened by the breakfast buffet and too hot instant coffee, I asked the hotel front desk for the best way to get from Phnom Penh. His response?

“Just fly there. Buses take too long and are dusty and tourists think they’re fun. They’re not.”

Alright then. I’m going to fly. Two local opinions.

Granted, flying Cambodia Air to Siem Reap will cost me just shy of $100 USD BUT it is the most comfortable and the quickest option out of all possibilities.

The flight is only 45 minutes long. You go up. You get water. You go down. I spent more time at the little Blue Pumpkin restaurant with a super-sweet iced coffee and club sandwich on my iPad than I did in the air.

Bonus, though, was that I could take it easy that morning instead of having to get up super early to catch a bus, van, or boat out of town. I figured that I’d get that experience later when my friend and I returned to Phnom Penh later in the week.

And, my, my, that bathtub looked mighty fabulous to soak in after such a short sleep.

To the airpot: Transporting a new fridge via motorbike
To the airport: Amid all the vegetable in the tuk-tuk – a person



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