The Bell Ringer of Red Piano

On Pub Street in Siem Reap, there is a well-known bar called the Red Piano. It’s well-known because Angelina Jolie liked to chillax there and drink while on location for filming Tomb Raider.

It’s quite proud of that, and on the drink menu, there is a drink called the Tomb Raider. Of course, I need to try that. It’s kitschy enough to make me feel like I should.

When my second Tomb Raider drink came out, the waitress was ringing a large school-bell, which made every turn and stare at me. Seriously – I’m starting to feel like a B-list actress in this country with all the uncomfortable, undue attention I receive for the strangest things.

Apparently, I was the 10th order of the drink, and thus, I had garnered a free Tomb Raider. Every 10th Tomb Raider ordered is free. This auspicious occasion is heralded by the ringing of a bell so that everyone makes googly eyes at you. But heck, it’s a free drink.

I’m not complaining.

Sigh. MMmmm…limey.

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