The Monkey and Pineapple: Not the name of a tropical pub

Once we wrapped up our Grand Tour of the smaller temples and wats, the tuk-tuk driver thought that we’d like to photograph a small group of monkeys scratching their behinds underneath some trees.

I mean, why not?

So, he pulled the tuk-tuk over, and we stopped to take pictures.
All of a sudden, a monkey gives me the stink eye. He starts to gather speed as he lunges toward us in the tuk-tuk. As an avid consumer of all films in which monkeys give people diseases and thus wipe out nearly the entire human race, I was NOT going to stick around for this dude.

The tuk-tuk driver notices the monkey coming quickly toward us, so he steps on the gas and guns the engine…but he’s too late.

The monkey hops into the tuk-tuk and makes a grab for something at my feet just as we pull away. He runs off as I try to push him away with a brush of my foot.

As we putter away, I notice that he has not only sighted the pineapple that was in the bottom of the tuk-tuk (and therefore nearly invisible), but he always managed to get it too.

That jerk stole my dang pineapple. He actually WAVED at me as we pulled away, holding the pineapple piece, which was on a stick, aloft above his head.

Either it was a wave, or it was the monkey version of the one finger salute for me pushing him away with my foot. Not sure.

Our driver kept apologizing and even stopped in town for me to buy another pineapple – on a stick, mind you.

I’ll get you, my precious. This is the pineapple stealer itself.

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