The faces of Bayon and perfect camera angles

Pssst – Bayon Temple is my favorite temple. Don’t tell Angkor Wat. It might get jealous.

The 216 faces of Bayon are astounding. I remember watching “Amazing Race” when the contestants had to count the faces. That seems unreal considering I couldn’t find half of them.

Bayon rises out of a flat bit of land surrounded by trees. It stuns you the first time you see it, as if it’s a surprise that it’s there. It even looks somewhat natural from far away, as if nature meant it to be there.

We scrambled over the rocks that are firmly planted in the ground and grass now, taking pictures before going up inside. It’s cramped, as it’s mid-morning and busloads of tourists have shown up. I marvel at carvings on the cool, damp inside walls before going all the way upstairs to the very top to spy on these very famous faces.

Each tower has four faces to face all four directions. Our driver has tried to find the perfect angle with our cameras so that we look nose to nose with the rock faces. Finally, a guard takes over, convinced that the driver can’t do it correctly. I end up with a shot that has me looking bewildered.

Despite the copious amounts of people with their tour leader and flag, Bayon is one of the reasons why we all want to be like Lara Croft.

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