And now for something completely different…Hungary

I will continue to update about my Chinese New Year holiday to Cambodia, but I have now taken off to Budapest, Hungary, for my spring break trip. It’s my first full week trip solo (unless you count the semester I spent in England without knowing someone at first), so this ought to be interesting.

I got to the airport around 8:30 PM, which seemed to be the height of check-in time. It took awhile to check-in on Emirates, then go through immigration, and finally, through security. I don’t think I’ve ever waited that long, so it was surprising considering this isn’t a holiday week for everyone.

Everything closes early and quickly here. You know you’re out of cheap options for food when the TianXia dumpling guy says “meiyou” or, “don’t have.” Bummer. I could opt for Burger Kin, as even the coffee cafe shop is sandwich-less and shuttered up for the night

I go for Cafe Deco, then, nursing overpriced beef noodles and Harbin beer. I’m not up here long when I hear my flight being called very, very early. I get my bill, pay the waitress very quickly, and go downstairs to get to my gate.

It was a crushing crowd all night, but the “line” to get on the plane isn’t quite so bad. I still had to get rid of my permanent stink face thanks to a couple that kept knocking into me as I waited for immigration. It was like they could not possibly stand more than thisclosebehindme despite us all being the same boat. We weren’t going anywhere fast, that was for sure. Chill, people.

Anyway, I’m happily surprised by the Emirates flight, which is a roomy A380 plane. I get stuck by the window, which means I’ll have to climb over a Dubai resident and a teetotaling Austrian guy if I have to go to the bathroom.

This is why people don’t drink enough water on planes, especially if you get stuck without quick and easy access.

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