A dash of sunshine, a sprinkle of surrealism, and stir

Following a truly satisfying hour long tour of Hospital in the Rock, I ventured back up to the city on the hill and found the quintessential Miró Cafe, a cafe dedicated to the surrealist master, painted in brilliant colors, and decorated with bits of his art. I indulged in the ultra-meaty beef stew with its thick, cotton-cloud-like dumplings and a Dali cappuccino (espresso, milk, honey, and earthy spices on top) to both fill my belly and warm up my spirit.

I relaxed in the cafe for a bit and people-watched, which is an interesting hobby. I caught up on my journaling, which was helpful in keeping track of my adventures so far.

With the sun still shining, I started to venture toward Buda Castle and the large palace. A short, relaxing amble down the cobblestone streets was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. I nearly stopped at the Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum, which is supposed to feature some pretty wacky medieval medicinal remedies and the like, but the sun had dashed away behind low clouds, and I still had so much walking and exploring to do before it rained.

Browsing the castle garden bazaar, I find some interesting knick-knacks involving paprika and Hungarian dolls dressed in traditional outfits. I headed to a gelato place for a little sugary pick-me-up and proceeded to the St. Matthias Church, a very visible church on the hilltop, and to Fisherman’s Bastion, another beacon.

St. Matthias Church had gorgeous detail inside and out. It was quiet, serene, everything you’d expect in an iconic church. Fisherman’s Bastion, which boasts some of the best views of the city from its pearly white bridge-like structure, was busier, as it’s one of the main tourist attractions in the city. The air was brisk and crisp, sliding between chinks in my tightly-knotted scarf. The view is incomparable. The Pest side unfolds with layers of red-tiled roofs, church spires, and grandiose museum designs.

I kept walking north toward the old castle walls and the palace, where two massive museums were housed – a fine art gallery and the history museum. The sun finally reappeared as I crossed to the opposite side of the museum, and I had to pick my way down stairs and various paths to find the street level sidewalks that would lead me toward Gellert Hill, where the forbidding Citadel sat.

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