The pheasantry and rainbows

There is a value in taking trains. The U.S. just can’t figure out trains, but Europe has a monopoly on amazing train rides.

I saw long-tailed pheasants racing alongside the tracks, aiming to hide in the brush. I don’t know why I got so excited about pheasants, but I did. You just don’t see them in the U.S. very much. There’s something so country, so I’m-definitely-out-of-the-city about pheasants, and I enjoy that.

Coming back from Szeged, I witnessed a magnificent sunset over the low, green fields. The sky was yellow gold at the top, then dark blue clouds, and red at the horizon line. An hour later, the dark clouds billowed up like mountains on the horizon, ringed by golden halos of light as the sun tried valiantly to conquer the rain clouds. I remembered feeling content. Happy.

The ride from Eger produced no less dramatic results. As the rain cleared, the sun burst through the clouds momentarily, resulting in a faded rainbow over the tracks. But, as the light strengthened, so did the rainbow until it was highlighted by dark clouds behind it and shamrock green grass below it. People looked up from their devices and their books to marvel at it.

A promise. A promise of what?

I think it was the best adventure yet.

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