Arriving in Hong Kong at night

I arrived in Hong Kong about a month ago over a very short weekend period. As I took the taxi out of the airport, heading toward the island and my hotel, I was struck by how dark everything was as we got further and further from the airport. Then, there are lights, golden lights, sea green lights, silver white lights – all little squares, all the people out there who weren’t asleep yet. Silhouetted in the background of the apartments are the high mountains surrounding the islands, a blacker black shadow than the already black sky.

The lit windows of the high rises look like opals among the obsidians, rare finds out somewhere in the earth. Bits of opal dance with different colours depending on how the light strikes it, and these apartment windows were opal. A complement to the sometimes stars that one can see above the city lights.

Of course, there is the dramatic entrance of Victoria Harbour, the narrow, tall buildings which make up the iconic Hong Kong skyline. As the double-decker buses flew past us, we rattled bridge over bridge toward the main island. The lights grew stronger, more neon, and more colourful, a rainbow on the harbour water. I could see the famed Star Ferry scuttling back and forth from Kowloon, and it was pretty amazing.

I knew that this was going to be my new home, my new place on a list of places to see, places to go. If this was now home – how would I feel about it when I officially arrived in two weeks?

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