I want 2 pina coladas, gotta have one for each hand …

Koh Samui is the epitome of all those songs about tropical drinks.

Bophut Beach is a quieter cousin to its more popular family members across the island, but that suited me just fine. After the packed Friday night market, the rest of the weekend and week were very chill.

Not that there isn’t plenty to do, even if it’s being a beach bum, trying out the freshest seafood at any number of beachfront restaurants and cafes, or island-hopping. I chose island-hopping one day, taking a boat to nearby Koh Tan for some snorkeling. The first reef was okay, but there weren’t a lot of fish and critters hanging around. however, at the second reef, we were literally swimming with the fishes. The boatmen gave us bread to feed them, and they came right up to my face to nibble at it. Then, all the fish swam with us all the way to the boat’s next stop, so it was like being in a floating aquarium.

I love snorkeling, but I’m ready to try for my diving certificate. Luckily, I can do that out in Sai Kung so I can get under the water more and wander about with the bigger fishes.

So, I feel like I need to spread a little paradise love as the school year gets ready to start again …

Wrapping up our holiday, however, meant that crazy commute in reverse, only this time, in Sarat Thani, we had to actually get on the luggage scale to weigh ourselves in at the airport after weighing in the luggage. That was truly dinner and show – only to find out that our flight was delayed two hours. Ugh.

I hadn’t even had to do that flying out Puerto Princesa in Palawan, Philippines, and that was the tiniest airport I’d ever been in!

Then, I saw this sign at the boarding gate, and it suddenly all made sense…


Apparently, yes, it does.

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