Flower Market Street: I don’t know what that is, but I like it!

 From the nunnery, I thought I’d hop back on the MTR green line to Prince Edward Street, whereupon I’d discover the Flower Market Street, a goldfish market, a bird market, and the famed Temple Street Market. Correction: I made it to the Flower Market Street, which was absolutely lovely and filled the humid, dense air with all sorts of sweet scents, but that about took the rest of my life away to walk in that heat. I tried to cool down in the shops, but that seemed difficult with the amount of people in them.

I went up Playing Field Road and found the American Grocery store, which was stocked with all sorts of American delicacies including Kraft Mac & Cheese, Pop Tarts, Fruity Pebbles, and loads of American junk food candies. I worry about the state of American cuisine if that’s an American grocery store in Asia, but sometimes the truth is the truth. Not one to pass up American candy, I picked up a few bags of Sour Patch kids and peanut butter M&Ms, which are difficult to come by outside of the States. Score. However, I was pretty sure all the chocolate would melt by the time I got home …


Clutching some beautiful pale orange Gerbera daisies, I took the MTR back to my hotel and dunked them in some cool water in my plastic Chinese tea cup. I figured it was the cheapest and easiest to replace once it started to stink like slimy water plants. At least it cheered me up and gave me something nice to put in my shoebox hotel room.

I loved Flower Market Street. It reminds me of Hongqiao Market in Shanghai, which I adored with all my heart. I will miss Z-bao, a fun and funky shop in the market, full of trinkets and interesting household items. The window displays were the best, however, as they were quite magical and varied by season. Flower Market Street had every kind of cut flower, potted plant, or veg/fruit plant one could want, and I will want – provided I get myself an outdoor space.

I will just have to wait until it cools down to get myself to the goldfish market and Temple Street Market.

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