Get thee to a nunnery!

Or a flower market – whatever is more suitable for you and not necessarily for just poor Ophelia.

On my first Sunday in Hong Kong, I decided to be lazy until the early afternoon, especially as it was still hot and still outside because of a typhoon making landfall in Taiwan and up north on the Mainland. Pollution was a bit iffy as well, though nothing like  Shanghai at all, but the haze had settled in over the mountains, and there was no rain in sight. Not even a pale cloud lingered to cover the sun.

So, in my insanity, I decided to hike the MTR over to the Chi Lin Nunnery near Diamond Hill MTR. By the time I got to the stop, I realized that I was grumblingly hungry and in need of a lunch. Luckily, the Hollywood Plaza Mall was right there, so I found the food court on the upper level and sorted out some dumplings, sliced beef, and soya milk for myself. The beef was spitting hot (literally spitting oil all over me as I carried my tray), and everyone else in the known world had decided it was too hot to be outdoors and wanted lunch at the same time. It took me a few revolutions before I could find a table to sit at before I dumped my sizzling beef and soya milk all over someone. That would have been most unfortunate, indeed.

I was fortified now, and I walked to the nunnery, just a short breeze along the main road there. It is a stunning sight, even in the baking afternoon sun, and no one was around or even stepped into my photos – because of the baking hot sun in the courtyards. I listened to the nuns chant behind shadowy screened walls as I strolled in the shady corridors. The peacefulness of the place was easily felt. The lotus ponds looked a bit tired of the sun and heat, though.

They couldn’t even.

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