We need more cow[bell]!

The famous Christopher Walken had it quite correct.

Working in Sai Kung offers glorious views of the water and the mountains. One can gorge nonstop on natural beauty. There are always yachts and fishing boats in the harbour, relatively nice breezes, funky little cafes and restaurants, along with the provisional McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, etc. It really is a great place to be.

And, of course, there are the famed (or infamous) Sai Kung cows. There are “beware of cow crossing” signs up around town, and no joke – the cows seem to materialize from nowhere out of the mountains. They camp out their tan hides in the bushes and eat the grasses – even landscaping around the school doors doesn’t escape their notice. These cows are part of the local landscape, and you don’t mess with Bess here.

Yesterday, I caught them hanging out by the Subway. I guess they like it mmm…mmm…fresh! I imagine they stuck to a strict “tuna only” on their subs.

11846784_692850860620_25303419772365680_n 11863333_692850865610_1172871593528998813_n

You just have to keep aware of the cow pats on the roads and sidewalks. One step into that steamy pile would certainly not help your presence at work, but if you’re needing solo time without colleagues, that’s one sure way to clear out shared spaces!


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