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Exploring Hong Kong Part 4 – Sheung Yiu Folk VillageĀ 

Getting out of Sai Kung is remarkably easy – once you figure out the correct bus routes to do so.

I planned a short 1/2 day trip to a small, abandoned folk village near Sai Kung, easily accessible by the 94 double-decker bus from town. A few stops away (about 20-25 minutes) is the village of Sheung Yiu, a Hakka folk village now turned into a small museum.

Hong Kong has quite a few out-of-the-way villages abandoned by its people for better opportunities in cities. Sheung Yiu Village survived on fishing, a bit of farming, and a lime kiln. In the 60s, when that lifestyle was no longer supportable, the men left to find other work. The women shortly followed. What’s left now is the housing village of the people with a nice little museum to show how the Hakka people lived then – as simply as possible. The traditions and holidays that were celebrated were also shown. In all, it was a nice, tidy museum with interesting history.

The walk out from the main road is certainly worth a stroll as well. The Pak Tam Chung Trail is quiet (when not populated by schoolchildren) and nice to meander along. There are signs for different flora and fauna in this area, talking about the basic geography and geology of the area. A day out with a picnic would be perfect, really.

So, it’s certainly worth a look out there, especially to get a sense of local history and culture outside the massively dense thrall of the city.

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  1. our roots will never be forgotten #cultural diversity discovered..loving the view


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