Umm…where’s passport control?

No, I did not buy the reindeer pelt. But this is what I mean – solo travel can be tricky. You can be duped into thinking that a 150 Euro reindeer pelt is the souvenir that you need, whilst someone else would just be like, what is wrong with you? Where would you put it?

Under my IKEA coffee table, actually …

I clearly haven’t traveled much through Europe lately when I have to ask the help desk where the passport control is. I do a lot of traveling in Asia, which means I’m stamped in and out at the airport like it’s the most fun thing in the world to do. Once you’re stamped into one European country (for the most part), you’re good to go until you officially leave Europe. So, I got stamped in Helsinki and wouldn’t get stamped until I flew back through there at the end of my holiday.

Easy-peesy, but I still felt like I was missing something.

My hotel in Vienna is classic old-school Europe. It’s down a cobblestone lane, which means the wheels on my suitcase had better hold up well.

Warning: Cobbles approaching.

Also, the lift inside is about one person big, which means if you’re one big person and one big suitcase, you’re snuggling for the ride up. It’s either that or one of those magnificent spiral staircases, but with my big suitcase and a backpack, that was a “no.”


Then, I was left a little concerned as I navigated a small corridor to my room and spied a door that said “shower.” I didn’t remember choosing a room that shared a bathroom and shower facilities …

Thankfully, once I open my door and nearly take it off the hinge by cracking it into the well-placed wardrobe right behind it, I discover that I do have my own, rather large, bathroom. In fact, my room is well-sized, just well-covered in large furniture. For example, I know I will nail my thigh on the desk going into the bathroom, whose door only opens fractionally because of the wardroberightthere.

However, I can dig out my Vienna book and map, fill up my travel bag, and get on the road, because I am in possession of  Vienna transport card. This is smart idea, mark me. If you plan on being in Vienna for around 3-4 days, get the 72-hour card. Good on the metro, trams, and buses, plus giving discounts at many locations and museums just for having it, the Vienna card is fantastic. I got it at the airport help desk, arranged a taxi to the hotel, and found out that I didn’t need any passport control. It’s like an American supermarket up in there.

My first stop – a culinary and food masterpiece by the name of Naschmarkt.

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