It happens to the locals, too.

So, Helsinki, Finland.

My flight took me through Helsinki on Finnair, and I ended up with a day-long layover in Helsinki.

When I arrived in Helsinki from Krakow, I knew I just had to hop on the hotel bus and it would drop me off at my airport hotel. I ran out to the bus and hopped on, my breath freezing on the cold air.

After ten minutes, I notice people starting to pull out tickets. I had thought it was a free bus, so I start to panic a bit. Then, the bus rocks up to a Park ‘n’ Fly lot, and everyone – everyone – gets off the bus.

And it is then that I realize I had gotten on the wrong airport bus. Special.

I wait outside a bit, figuring I could catch another bus back to the airport, then find the correct one to the airport hotels. It would be a brilliant plan, except that it’s nearly one AM, and the buses stop running by then. No other buses have shown up in the last fifteen minutes or so.

Finally, I let my pride go and head inside, figuring I could explain my error to the attendant. The very friendly Finn stopped me before I could say anything and said, “You took the wrong bus.”


“You wanted the airport hotel bus?”


“Well, most buses are done running now.”

“Great,” I muttered, rubbing my cold hands together. I am dressed as warmly as possible, but I still feel like the cold is tickling my bare skin.

“The last bus came through here. He can take you to the airport. You can get a taxi from there.”

“Thank you! I feel like an idiot.”

“That’s okay. Even locals do the same thing.”

I felt a little better that even local Helsinkians (?) make the same mistake.

I went out to the waiting bus, and asked him if he could run me back to the airport. His response was one better: He asked what hotel I needed, and he said he could drive me right there instead.

He very nicely dropped me off at the door to the hotel, and I couldn’t thank him enough for as tired as I was, not having to deal with going back to the airport and hiring a taxi. He gave me a little salute, and I drug my things inside the hotel, happy to be there at last.

It took all of five minutes for me to crawl into bed, still clothed, and fall asleep.

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  1. Sartenada says:

    I did not understand where You tried to catch the airport hotel bus. In the town of Helsinki or at the airport? If at airport, why not walk, if in Helsinki, why not use metro and then short walk. Sorry, I know that I am stupid.


    1. chrissa227 says:

      In Helsinki, several of the airport hotels are not connected to the airport. They’re about 5ish min away by the airport hotel bus. A bit far to walk at night on highway roads when it’s very cold outside, especially if I’m not sure where to go.


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