The endless delicious

One afternoon, as I walked through the Shanghai Metro, Line 2, I saw an advertisement poster that simply said, “Taste the endless delicious.” The poster is deliberately vague, and I’m not sure what the endless delicious is. It is what you make of it, I suppose. Maybe it’s food, travel, or drink. You end that sentence exactly as you want.

For me, I finish the sentence with “life.” If my 21-year-old self had said, “one day, you’re going to live in China, then…”, I would have laughed. Now, my 33-year-old self just shakes her head. I lived in Shanghai for three years, and now I’m going on a third year in Hong Kong, enjoying the mountains and outdoor life – but not the spiders, I must say.

That’s what I am – an international teacher. That’s my job, and it’s a life calling. I’m also a mess-maker. I love to cook and try new foods. I bake even when it’s 100 degrees outside, and I know the aisles in the markets like a second home. I write on everything – lesson plans, Post-its, grad school books, notebooks, blogs, recipes, what have you. The key is to never stop writing, to never stop learning – and never stop having a sense of humor about life.

A recent hobby I’ve picked up is digital photography. Now, I won’t leave for a trip without my Nikon D5200 and a few lens, including the new Nikon 10-20mm, the 18-200mm, 35mm prime, and, sometimes, the kit lens 18-55mm if I want a decent zoom but don’t feel like lugging around the weight of the 18-200mm with me. Most of the time, I like my wide-angle lens and the “travel zoom” of the 18-200mm, as they do a decent job of getting the shots I like. I’ve taken a few courses in Hong Kong and did a great photography tour in London courtesy of Hairy Goat Tours. I enjoy seeing the variety of life in Hong Kong through my camera lens – and I really love the fine details I can capture now as well.

By far, my most favorite hobby is travel – local or abroad. By local, I mean exploring the endless delicious of Shanghai, which, due to its dynamic nature, is never, ever the same from day to day, and now, it’s the endless delicious of Hong Kong. Abroad, well, that’s anything further than my cozy village house and as close as a page in a book.

Really, when it comes down to it, each day is an amazing gift. The key is making sure you’re always looking at the day-to-day with adventure goggles, and suddenly, it all seems to glimmer with the excitement of the unknown.

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